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Cupid's Pulse Panel: When is it Appropriate to Send and Event Invite on Facebook?

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Huffington Post: What My Son Taught Me in the First 100 Days

GalTime 9-25-13: Yeah, it Happens—When Guys Say No to Sex

Huffington Post: 5 Things Men Can Do Right Now

GalTime 9-12-13: 5 Things He Should Know (and do) to Keep You Happy

Cupid's Pulse Panel: Can I Ask my Partner to Delete Photos of Their Ex From Facebook?

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Huffington Post 6-3-2013: Late Bloomer: How Becoming a Father at Fifty-Something Was Worth The Wait

GalTime 6-3-2013: When Guys Say No to Sex

Straight-Up Love 5-31-2013: Is Technology Killing Dating?

Cupid's Pulse 5-28-2013: Social Media—The Good, The Bad, and The "Oops!"

Interview with Suzanne Oshima for Single In Stilettos

Robert Manni Official Huffington Post Page

Huffington Post 4-24-13: "What is a Guy's Guy?"

Straight Up Love 4-12-13: "The Guys' Guy's Guide to Spring Cleaning"

NBC's "The Morning Blend" Interview 2

Disciples of Sound Review: "Manni's Mad Men"

Straight Up Love 3-8-13: "Four Ways To Keep Your Guy Happy"

Playboy Radio Interview with Tiffany Granath

KIXI "Chat With Women" Interview

Moll Anderson Sirius XM Interview: 2-20-13

NBC's The Morning Blend Interview: 2-14-13

GalTime 2-13-13: 5 Things Men Want Women To Know

FastLane Luxury Lifestyle Magazine - Last Minute Valentine's Advice: 2-12-13

NPR "It's Your Health" Interview with Lisa Davis: 2-8-2013

KIXI Radio's Chat With Women: 2-7-2013 (Tune to 45:00 for interview)

WDTN "Living Dayton" Interview 2-5-2013: "Gifts From A Guy's Guy"

Straight Up Love 2-5-2013: 5 Ways Men Can Man Up, Right Now

GalTime 1-4-2013: What Women Don't Know About Men

Straight Up Love 12-20-2012: Misconceptions About Men

GalTime 11-26-2012: Understanding Men's Natural Drive

GalTime 10-31-12: What is a Guy's Guy and Why Does It Matter Now?

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Straight Up Love 9-13-12: 6 Online Profile Dating Tips

Straight up Love 9-26-12: You're on a Date. Who Pays?


 Straight Up Love 8-24-12: Sex With Your Ex. An Ex-Cellent Idea? 

100 First Dates 8-23-12: If You Want Love, Think Like An Advertiser

Your Confident Self 8-9-12: Robert Manni Introduces 'Guy Lit'

                          The Houston Chronicle 8-6-12: Robert Manni Launches New Video 


          Digital Journal 8-3-12: Robert Manni Launches Guy's Guy Radio on Blog Talk Radio


         Houston Chronicle 8-1-12: Robert Manni's Sexy Summer Blog Tour and Kindle Giveaway 


                                          Tristan Coopersmith 7-30-12: What Men Want

Yahoo! News 7-29-12: Author Robert Manni's New Video Set To Launch!


      Read in a Single Sitting 7-27-12: Charting Your Course In The New World of Publishing 


                            Straight Up Love 7-26-12: Love At First Sight-Myth or Reality?


         Love Romance Passion 7-26-12: Why It's Tough Being A Guy... Especially A Guy's Guy


                       Chick Lit Club 7-21-12: How To Reel In A Great Catch This Summer


Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh My! 7-19-12: Steering Your Way Through The New World Of Publishing


                                        Cupid's Pulse 7-19-12: Top Dating Secrets of Men 

                       Cat's Thoughts 7-18-12: The Guys' Guy's Guide To Love Excerpt 


                  Romance Junkies Blog 7-16-12: Why Men Should Get Married. Really. 


                 Eleni Zoe 7-16-12: The Guys' Guy's Guide To Love Review + Giveaway 


     Life Passion 7-13-12: Five Words That Can Make You Happy, Right Now 

 Men's Life on ABC Radio/ 6-26-12/7-3-12: Robert Manni talks Fear of Commitment 

 Men's Life on ABC Radio/ 6-26-12/7-3-12: Robert Manni on How To Make A Good Impression


      Men's Life on ABC Radio/ 6-26-12/7-3-12: Robert Manni's Guide To Online Dating


Men's Life on ABC Radio/ 6-26-12/7-3-12: Robert Manni Discusses What Not To Wear


                        Slacker, Inc. 6-26-12: Guys' Guide to Online Dating, powered by ABC Radio

       ABC News Press Release 6-26-12: Slacker, Inc. Launches Personalized Lifestyle Station Men's Life, including segment Guy's Guide To Online Dating

 Life Passion 5-10-12: How Energy Work Helped a Guy's Guy Find His Center


 Straight Up Love 4-17-12: Two Words Men Need To Know To Succeed With Women 




       3-13-12 TV Interview with Tamsen Fadal, Living Single segment on WPIX 11 Morning News 3-13-12

Straight Up Love 3-6-12: Men's Deep, Dark Dating Secrets

The Matchmaker Blog 2-12-12: When It Comes To Dating, When Does Losing Something Help You Win?

                               1-26-12:Interview with Robert Manni

Chick Lit Cafe 1-20-12: 5 Simple Questions To Find Out If He's 'The One'

Straight Up Love 1-17-12: Want to finish first? Be a nice guy. Be a guy's guy

Chicklit Club 1-17-12: A Guy's Guy

12-7-11 Radio Interview with Pittsburgh morning talk show host Shelley Duffy

Suddenly Books 11-27-11: Interview + Guest Post with Robert Manni

Cupid's Pulse 11-23-11: How To Run An Ad Campaign To Get More Dates

Cindy's Love Of Books 11-22-11

1000 Plus Books To Read 11-21-11


WTBQ Radio Interview with Psychic Lisa Ann and Walt Popailo 11-10-11 Robert Manni Radio Interview.mp3


Herald Scotland article 10-30-11: A man's a man. Got that? 


Daily Mail (UK) article 10-26-11: More Don Drapers in the World? Yes please! Guy's guide to love says men should date like Mad Men in post-Sex and the City age

NY Post article 10-25-11: Date Like a Real 'Mad' Man



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