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On Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness

The Guys' Guy's Guide to Beating the Winter Blues

Robert Manni - Thursday, January 09, 2014

It’s dark and cold when you wake and darker and colder when you go home.

Welcome to another endless winter in the Northeast. And for some strange reason, many choose to stay put and endure these dreadful winters year after year. They say we have four seasons in these parts, but doesn’t it feel like two? Six months of awesome weather, six months of ice rain, snow, cold and slush. And here we are again in the vortex. Some Guy’s Guys insights are in order. So here are my tips for beating those winter blues, GG style.

Get outside.

If you can’t get away for a Caribbean holiday, don’t fret. Think about how much worse the winter seems when you step outside with sunburn after landing at JFK. So if you routine resembles this: getting up at the crack of dawn, marching like a lemming on and off of the C train, grabbing coffee, disappearing into your office, staring at the computer for the next 10 hours and then returning to the cold dark streets, it’s important that you break up the day and get some fresh air and sunshine. So, if you can break free for even twenty minutes, take a walk around the block and if the weather permits, find a sunny spot to take a short break. Remind yourself that it’s just a job, she’ll call you back, and the Knicks will win another championship someday or whatever it is that’s buzzing around your mind. I assure you, this quick respite can work wonders.


When I woke up yesterday it was cold, dank, slushy and all around horrible. But, it was Sunday and for your Guy’s Guy, that means another 6.2-mile trek around Central Park’s outer loop. It’s all sloping hills and it never seems to get any easier. I wanted to disappear under the covers, but I knew that I would feel one hundred percent better after my run, and I did. Whatever your preference is: cardio, high intensity workouts or yoga; they all combat the winter blues. Your body will thank you.

Watch your diet. 

We all crave warm, gooey, crispy comfort food during the winter months. And how we worship the bacon. But unless it’s organic, this piggy meat is filled with cancer-causing nitrates. I know, it tastes F-ing great, but bacon other so-called comfort foods ultimately make you uncomfortable. Winter is a great time to get disciplined about your diet. If you can deal with making the right food choices now, it will be easier once spring rolls around. And, speaking of rolls, if you can get a head start on your diet during the colder months, you probably will have less around your midsection to burn off when the weather breaks.

Stay positive.

We define ourselves internally. It’s what’s in your head that sets up your mood, your perspective, and ultimately your life.  And with all those cold, dark days it’s easy to succumb to a bleak outlook and a “whoa is me” attitude. And we’ve all allowed our more negatively skewed friends to throw up their emotional junk on us. You know, that’s when afterwards they feel better? The problem is, you have to wipe their toxicity off by taking an Epson salts bath. The point is, remain mindful of your thoughts and the people around you in general, but especially during winter.

Read, write, sing, create.

We spend more time indoors during nasty weather. And it’s too damned easy to sit on your butt and binge watch your favorite cable series. Sure, that’s what 54-inch LED’s are for, but be careful not to allow the media to hypnotize and numb your mind. Reading is a wonderful tonic and it helps us think more creatively. So is creating, and it doesn’t mater what it is that makes your juices flow. Get out your laptop, sketchpad, ukulele or whatever and make a statement, even if you never show it to anyone. Just the simple act of creation nourishes the soul. Hey, I just created something here, didn’t I?

This weeks’ Guy’s Guys of the Week are all the skaters at Wolman Rink or the rink in your neighborhood. Get out there, amigo.

Are you winning your battle with the winter blues?

Things to be Cheerful About in 2014

Robert Manni - Friday, January 03, 2014

Let’s leave 2013 where it belongs…over, done, in the past.

I hope it was a good year for you, although many folks might prefer to deposit it in the dumpster. The good news is that every 365 days we get to reset. Never mind the resolutions we don’t keep and the baggage and pounds we need to shed. Those are just details. Here are some things, Guy’s Guy style, to be thankful for as we dig our teeth into a fresh and juicy 2014. Let’s do this, amigos!

1. You made it!

It’s no minor accomplishment. You’re alive. Think about that and be thankful. If you decide to stop reading here, that’s cool, because this is the most important point. Actually, on second thought, please keep reading…

2. You’ve got a second chance, again.

Okay, so you didn’t quit drinking and you never made it back to the gym after Valentine’s Day. So what? You have a fresh start, a new beginning, and another shot at your dream. You scored a do over. Now make the most of it.

3. No one cares if you screwed up last year.

Bottom line, we take ourselves way too seriously. Most of us feel that everyone is watching us and judging about our every move. Guess what? They’re not. Most of your friends don’t really give a shit about the sordid details of your life. They’re more interested in how you make them feel. Come to think about it, isn’t that what you feel about your friends? Gotcha!

4. The World Cup.

Soccer (the real football) keeps growing in popularity and this year’s tournament in Brazil should be a dilly with top teams from Europe and South America duking it out in the global matchup. Bet on Spain or the home team.

5. No presidential election.

Yeah, I know this was also the case in 2013, but it’s worth mentioning that we won’t be subjected to an endless onslaught of candidates political and personal slagging each other for eleven straight months. And think about it, once the person elected sits get in the big chair, they all drink the Kool-Aid on wars and the economy while ignoring the environment and our food supply.

6. The New York Super Bowl.

This could be a colossal success or fail. With no tailgating and temperatures anticipated in the teens for a night game, I’m betting fail. Also, I find it hard to believe that two wealthy New York football teams who share one stadium couldn’t come up with the scratch to install a retractable dome. Really? Either way, all eyes will be on NYC this January. I just read that they are building a giant toboggan that will run down Broadway. Only in New York.

7. New York has a new mayor.

Bloomie’s gone so you can drink your Big Gulps without worrying about being stopped and frisked. Park Slope rules now. The new administration could be a great tonic or a disaster. How much does anyone know about this guy anyway? I like his kids, but when they played such a major role in determining the election, I begin to wonder what’s behind the curtain. We’ll soon find out.

8. The government is still printing money.

I suspect we’re safe for another year before the bubble bursts again. The hogs gorge at the trough while the struggling masses continue their hope for a ray of light on immigration reform, a minimum wage hike and a return to full unemployment benefits—which, by the way, haven’t risen in value for the past twenty years. So what’s there to look forward to here, Guy’s Guy? Many now have health care and awareness is on the rise for other issues because…

9. The Internet is calling out more key issues.

Just a few years ago, was anyone talking about GMO’s, our food supply, or the NSA and our privacy?  Technology has been a great contributor to our collective knowledge base and wellbeing. Okay, so we’ve taken a few too many twerking pics and selfies, but news spreads like wildfire now. This is a good thing if managed with the right intention.

10. The Stones are still touring.

Just thinking about it keeps me young.

This week’s Guy’s Guy of the Week is Baby New Year 2014. Here he is decked out in his diaper and sash. Let’s give him a collective slap on the ass and hope he’s a Guys Guy.

What makes you happy about 2014?

How to Improve Your Chance for Romance

Robert Manni - Thursday, December 05, 2013

Once upon a time there was no Instagram, Tinder, Facebook,, Vine, and no sexting, texting, or even e-mail.

Can you imagine? If a young buck wanted to meet a nice lady, he’d take a deep breath, walk across the bar room, smile and say something clever like, “Hey, my name's Steve.”  If he was fortunate enough that she didn’t blow cigarette smoke his way, it was on him to keep the conversation going in the hopes of making a connection. This requires a real conversation, one that transcends discussing recent episodes of “The Walking Dead” or fantasy football.  Keep it real, amigo. Before we were drowning in technology, people were forced to connect face-to-face, person-to-person. It was a good way to foster social skills and the fine art of conversation. Instead of hiding behind cell phones and 140 characters on Twitter, dudes had to put themselves on the line in the hopes of as a way of making a woman feel special. With this in mind I humbly offer the Guys’ Guy’s four easy ways to polish your social skills and improve the chances for romance.

Put The Gadgets Away.

There's a million apps available to help guys out on the town connect with random women.  But texting a stranger from across the bar will not enhance your social élan. It’s much more effective to introduce yourself in person, like our friend Steve did all those years ago. Women prefer the direct approach. Just be a gentleman and don’t gawk at their boobs. When scoping out the female prospects, check the hair, the bag and the shoes. They’ll tell you a lot about a woman and how she sees herself. Once you decide whom you want to meet, think of an open-ended conversation starter that requires a real answer, not a yes or no. “Do you like pickle backs?” probably won’t get you far. Then, tuck that cell phone into your pocket, flash your best smile and make your approach.

Pay Attention.

This is the cardinal rule for connecting with women. That’s because women pay attention and have this amazing capacity to assimilate tons of detailed information about everything, including what you said two months ago about your ex. Men are not very good at this. But, guys who learn the value of active listening find themselves miles ahead of their beer swilling mates that half-listen to their female companions while they multitask by watching the game and checking for texts every two minutes. When talking with a lady, everything else takes a back seat. Period.

Get Real.

Unless you have major bank, can rhyme like Drake or look like Gosling, you are not a chick magnet. Life is not a Rick Ross video unless you are Rick Ross.  Take a deep breath, accept who you are at this moment, then smile inwardly and say, “Damn right!” It’s all good, young man. Not all women are built like fitness models and neither are you. Laugh with others, laugh at yourself and have fun meeting women. Maybe you hit it off conversationally with someone who may not be your cup of tea physically. Not a problem. You can be friends. She might make a terrific wingman, or you could be hers.  Better yet, she may have a slammin’ girlfriend that she’ll introduce you to if she hasn’t already set her sights on you. If that’s the case, be nice and be kind. Things usually work themselves out.

Follow Up.

If you master steps one through three and score her digits or more, make sure you stay the course and call her the next day. That means the next day, not next week. And it means a phone call, not a text, not a sext of your junk, or an Instagram, etc.  Let her know you had a great time with her and that you’d like to see her again. If she shares your interest, have a plan in mind. Trust me, she’ll be impressed that you’ve not only taken the time to call her, but you had the consideration to think ahead and make her life a tad easier. Woman may be more aggressive these days, but they appreciate a dude who can take the wheel and treat them special. And, women are special.


Are you polishing your socials skills and connecting with women?

Things We've Had Enough of, Thank You.

Robert Manni - Friday, November 08, 2013

Guy’s Guys are optimistic by nature, but even we have our limits.

Of course there is an endless supply of things to complain about, but let’s put a twist on it and shout out a mini-rant featuring a handful of those people and things that we’ve had our fill of. Let’s send them off with a wave, our best wishes and a kick in the pants. Here’s your Guy’s Guy list of people and things that need to take a hike.

1. Housewives Shows

What began as a fun send up on Orange County has turned into a 24/7 marathon mash up of bad behavior from groups of entitled, mean-spirited, and materialistic and intellectually challenged rich women in various cities. At what point will the viewers finally say, “Enough!” Close behind are the growing number of reality-based real estate programs. Bitchy men, anyone?

2. Yoga pants and scrunchies

Ladies—complain all you want about men and their ball caps. Your addiction with yoga pants and pulled-back hair has drowned out women’s fashion like a tsunami. Okay, we get it. Black tights are slimming, but everyday, everywhere and for every occasion? Yoga pants are like tracksuits were in the eighties. I've got nothing against comfort or seeing fit women coming from yoga class, but remember when track suits were worn by athletes, not Tony Soprano?
Have some creativity, ladies, and I don’t mean digging out the leg warmers.

3. Ads for Insurance Companies

Let’s get this straight. We don’t need our insurance company to be our goofy friend when they’re really creeps that keep their hands in our wallets. They want our money. That’s all, amigo. Hey global insurance conglomerate, kindly send us the bill, STFU and otherwise leave us alone.

4. Flavored booze

I worked on the launch of the first round of Stoli flavors. Great natural tastes like vanilla, orange, peach and even coffee. Twenty years on we have bacon, wedding cake, strawberry swirl, and even rang tang-flavored vodka. I think the flavor spectrum has been more than adequately covered, thank you. And now the flavor explosion has infected rum, rye and even tequila. No thanks, Snooki. I’ll stick to my vodka on the rocks and take my chances.

5. The whole "Mumford and Sons" music genre

I don’t know what you call this, but I have to hold myself back from bursting out laughing when I see and hear guys grooving to this mush like it’s the second coming of U2. It’s not. It’s dudes with long beards strumming their guitars too vigorously and pining away for their girl to come home. Grrr. Guys, man up. Really.

6. Sequels

With due respect to a great film like The Hangover; this is not a concept that lends itself to a trilogy. Four guys go nuts in Vegas. That’s one, maybe two movies. Grown Ups 2?  I’m sorry, but no sequel necessary. Same with Basic Instinct, Blues Brothers, Caddyshack, Jaws, and Speed. I won’t mention all the animated “franchises” and their sequels. Enough with the rehashing, Hollywood.

7. Scandalized Politicians Returning

If you get caught with your pants down and just your socks on, you messed up. You guys are already rich. Get another job and move on. Your trust has been compromised for public service. It’s more than your ideas about helping the middle class. It’s about integrity. You know who you are. Adios, amigos.

8. The Decline of Food

The more they lower the bar, the higher the sales go at the burger and taco chains. And for those who think deli meat or chicken laced with pink slime are healthy alternatives, think again. The irony is that belly fill is expensive. First your wallet takes a hit, then your gut. Unfortunately, even the meat and produce we buy at the supermarket is suspect and potentially laced with pesticides and hormones and sedatives. And I did not even get into GMO’s. If they are so good for us, why can’t we see what foods have them?

9. Biased Reporting

Now we have to filter the news based on which outlet it’s coming from. That sucks. One network hates Obama and the other worships him. Where do you go for the truth? It’s a problem when news and propaganda walk hand in hand. A handful of mega global conglomerates own the major news outlets. Is this a good thing?

10. Too Much Texting

Hey you, I’m walking here. I’m sure we’ve all had to dodge those nitwits who can’t step to the side when tweeting or texting. So it’s up to us to pay attention and avoid a major collision on the subway stairs. And while you’re at it, get a life, tweetie. There are so many people in New York who need to unplug once and awhile and connect with real people in the flesh. When I came to New York I wanted to meet people, not text with my BFF’s.

Okay, enough, Guys Guy. We hear you.  I guess it’s better to let off some steam than take it out on those we love or even those people we’ve had enough of.

What things annoy you enough to make you sound off? 

This week’s Guy’s Guy of the Week is comedian Louie CK, for his recent rant about cell phones on Conan. Even though comedy is an attack, the best works are philosophical and circumspect.

How to Handle a Breakup

Robert Manni - Friday, October 25, 2013

Nothing lasts forever, especially when we’re dating.

At one point or another, everyone gets dumped. Sometimes it comes as a surprise. It can be emotional. It can feel like the end of the world, but it’s not. We survive, and in most cases, we look back a year later and consider how better off we are and why the heck we stuck in that other relationship for that long. So, it’s important that we handle the drama and the deluge when it happens. Here are my four tips for handling a break up, Guy’s Guy style. 

Don’t take it personally.

This is the biggest challenge. When we get dumped, we automatically think there's something wrong with us. We feel inadequate and insecure. How could he or she not love me anymore? Of course it would be helpful to know if some part of our behavior had become a deal breaker, but that might not be the case. He or she might just not be feelin’ it anymore. Maybe they connected with someone else (it happens), or they evolved in a way that the two of you remaining together just didn’t fit in with their plans. Hey, none of those options strokes our ego, but it’s not a condemnation of us. It is about them and sometimes facing the facts softens the blow. After all, who wants to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't want to be with us?

Be careful how you rebound.

Naturally, if our ex hooks up with someone new, we might want to show them a thing or two by showing a new partner a thing or two or three in the sack. Take that, MF! That might be a fun way of expunging the past, but it can make us feel worse. Maybe not, but that kind of sex is usually purely physical while the hurt is emotional. Take steps to get your head on straight and address your emotions prior to hooking up.

Don’t take it out on your next partner.

Whether you decide to date up a storm or just hook up for awhile (again, I recommend dealing with the emotional baggage first), make sure that you don't take your breakup frustrations out on someone new. Regardless of the situation, they need to be treated with the same respect that you seek. Let’s not turn things into a subconscious, vicious circle of “he or she hurt me, so I’ll hurt you”. That reckless behavior of defeats the purpose of starting fresh and it actually ends up hurting us because we are not acting out of love.

Stay positive and treat yourself.

Love hurts, and when we face up to the fact that our partner may no longer feel the same way about us, it can be devastating. Take heed, friends. You are not alone. We’ve all been dumped and after licking our emotional wounds, we deserve a treat. Take a vacation, join a club, take a fitness class or just do something that your ex wasn’t into that you missed out on because he or she wouldn't participate. Who knows? You might meet someone new in that kick boxing class. I met a lot of really cool women when I went online for datessome became lovers, some became friends, and some I never saw again. In any case, I met new people with new ideas from all over the country and the world, and it really is a big world out there. And you're an important part of it because, after all, there is no one quite like you. But, that’s for your new partner to find out. Good luck and stay positive! 

How do you cope with a breakup?

Five More Ways to Manage Your Weight

Robert Manni - Thursday, October 17, 2013

Guy’s Guys have healthy appetitesfor life, love and the pursuit of happiness. We stay hungry, and that can be a problem. 

After I finished compiling my first set of weight loss tips, I realized that every guy is different and not every method I mentioned in part one fits every Guy’s Guy. The best tip I ever received from a friend who had dropped thirty pounds was, “Don’t eat as much”.  Please allow me to introduce five more tips for successfully managing your waistline, Guy’s Guy style.

1. Hydrate.

Drinking lots and lots of water is not my favorite activity, but it has to be done. The human body is made of two-thirds water, aging is spurred by a lack of water in our bodies, and scientists agree that over seventy percent of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. I realize it’s not easy toting that plastic bottle around all day, but who wants to drink tap water?  The more water we drink, the cleaner our systems. Zero Water and a few other brands make terrific filters that pay for themselves over the course of a few months. Bottom line is to drink up.

2. Beverages to eliminate.

Guy’s Guys like to live it up, but over time excessive alcohol consumption will ladle on the belly fat. Unfortunately this includes spirits, beer, and wine. Of course cutting down on alcohol can be tough, but you’ll see the results. I’ve eliminated alcohol for four months a few times now and I slept better, felt better and lost weight around my midsection. Other beverages to avoid are soft drinks (with sugar or artificially sweetened), sports drinks, milk and pasteurized juices.  Coffee is not so great either if you add milk or half and half. That leaves water, fresh-squeezed juices and herbal teas like yerba mate as your go-to beverages.

3. Eat early.

Guy’s Guys don’t favor a big breakfast during the week. They usually eat a modest lunch, but then work up a big appetite by the time dinner comes around, which can be 8PM. This is all wrong if you want to lose weight. Solution? Flip that eating behavior upside down. Enjoy a hearty, but healthy breakfast, a modest lunch, and a small dinner. You might also consider consuming six small meals per day to keep your engine running in high gear.

4. Eliminate snacking.

That means cut out the junk. There is nothing wrong with a piece of fruit or a handful of raw nuts, but those sugary and salty treats have to go. Most of the salty stuff like tortilla chips are fried and made with GMO corn. The candies, cakes and chocolates stay with you long after you experience the short term high you get from indulging. I know it’s tough to make the change from a candy bar to a bag of raw carrots, but your waistline will be rewarded.

5. Dairy.

Milk, cheese, ice cream, presweetened yogurt are all on the watch list. If you're jonesing for something sweet and creamy, your best bet is non-fat Greek yogurt. It’s got probiotics, tastes good and has a nice mouth feel. 

There are more tips for managing your weight, but let’s not take all the fun away in one felt swoop. If you can work a few of these tips into your curriculum, I’ll bet you’ll see some positive changes in how you feel and look.

This week’s Guy’s Guy of the Week is President Obama. Like him or not, the guy has managed his weight surprisingly well despite all the travel and stress he deals with on a daily basis.    

The Guys' Guy's Guide to Drinking

Robert Manni - Thursday, September 26, 2013

Guy’s Guys can handle their liquor. No drunk dialing, no picking fights, no hurling out of the cab window on the way home.

I’ve had my share of nights out on the townsome that have turned into morningbut for the most part I stayed out of trouble and knew when to call it a nightor sometimes, a day.

Being in the ad business, I’ve worked on a number of very successful spirits accounts. I’ve spent hours and hours sitting behind the focus group glass listening to consumers of various age groups discuss how they drink. It’s been an education, and as in other areas of culture, things have changed. People drink differently now. Some Millennials are in a mad rush to get drunk when they go out with their friends, and their spirit preferences have evolved, too.  From clear brown goods to sweet candy-like lower proof vodka, it’s all about choices. But it’s alcohol, so it’s important to be careful that those cocktails that taste like our childhood (cereal, cake, and cookie flavors) don’t sneak up and lead to problems. Since there is no rule book that tells men how to behave when imbibing in beer, wine and spirits, here is a distilled version of your Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Drinking. Pull up a bar stool and enjoy. Cheers!


Many drinkers under thirty-five start out their evening pounding trays of shotseverything from cupcake icing-flavored vodka to “pickle backs” (Scotch chased with pickle juice). That’s the new way of kicking off the festivities.  This can make the night random, unpredictable and reckless. That’s part of the fun.  That said, Guy’s Guys are built for the long haul. They stay in control and can hold their booze. One way of maintaining control is by forgoing shots until the end of the evening.  If you need to down a shot to respect your posse, fine, but don’t become a victim of too much too soon, or it will quickly become night-night and you’ll be considered a lightweight.


Women are not attracted to guys who are drunk. Never. After a few rounds, you might start believing that you are a ladies man, but be careful not to let the alcohol clown you. Don’t get drunk around women and do your best to keep your date sober. Drunken women, especially on dates, can turn into a handful. When you’re on a date, take it slow, have fun and go easy on the champagne. If you are out on your own or with friends at a club, keep your distance from the ladies who have had too much to drink. You might think they’re easy, but that’s a coward’s way and you’ll more likely find yourself with an unwanted problem in the club or when she throws up in the back of the cab.

Know When To Say When.

This is the toughest challenge, but it is the most important skill to learn.  Quick story. I became a non-smoker twenty years ago. During my first decade of not smoking, I’d know that I had had too much to drink if I had the urge to light up after a few drinks. That was my trigger and signal to stop drinking and call it a night, and it worked. Find something like that if you can because once you go over the top it’s tough to stop the roller coaster until you get the spins or worse, are hugging the bowl. There is no reason to get drunk. Nothing good happens when you’re wasted. That’s why you need to…

Pace Yourself. 

It’s easy to get caught up in a party atmosphere and keep up with your friends, but it’s a losing game. Every guy has his own rhythm. Find yours and stick to it. I have a couple of friends who are big guys. They can drink a helluva lot of beer, fast. These guys really pound. I can’t. For some reason my belly fills up faster. I was not enjoying that sixth, seventh, or thirteenth beer, so over time I dialed down my pace. And don’t try matching rounds of mixed drinks or wine with rounds of beer. No way, amigo.

Hydrate and Consume.

Drink a glass of water after every cocktail, beer or glass of wine and you’ll feel a lot better the next day. Eating something besides salty cocktail peanuts or a slice of pizza on the way home is also highly recommended. It soaks up the alcohol and provides necessary nutrients.  If you can, down a big glass of water or a sports drink before hitting the sack and repeat immediately upon awakening. A bloody Mary or another beer will not start the next day off the way you want, even on the weekend.

Hey, like any Guy’s Guy, I enjoy a good time, but I’ve seen far too many good men make fools of themselves or get into unnecessary trouble with the law after too many drinks and an overly long night of partying. Take it easy on yourself, fellas.  You will have a better time, be more appealing to the ladies, and feel and look a lot better in the morning.

Can you or your guy handle alcohol?

This week’s Guy’s Guys of the Week are Bradley Cooper, Eminem and Colin Farrell—three dudes who have learned how to succeed and party without booze.

Five Ways to Lose Weight

Robert Manni - Thursday, September 19, 2013

I was a skinny kid.

Now, along with many other men of a certain age, I wage an ongoing battle with my waistline. I’m not fat, but as someone who played three sports in school and has finished three marathons, I have pride about my appearance and it vexes me to no end when I look at the scale. I’m not in a bad place, but I’m not where I want to be. That said, I’ve dabbled in many weight loss regimens and here is what I’ve learned. Guy’s Guys prefer being lean and in shape.

It’s the food, stupid.

Let’s face it; there is less nutrition in most of the foods we eat today. Whether you eat meat or not, (I’ve been “pescetarian” for five years now) we’re all aware of how poorly the animals are treated. Most two and four legged creatures that are “farmed” for consumption exist on a lethal combination of feed laced with antibiotics and enough steroids to make a major league ball player jealous. Gone are the days when cows ate grass instead of corn. Humans absorb the stress the animals experience from a life lived in tight quarters leading up to a ghastly slaughter. Something to consider next time you’re slicing a juicy steak or wolfing down strips of that yummy bacon. Just sayin’. The point is, whatever you eat stays with you. Whenever possible, choose organic and non-GMO and avoid snacks, sugars and fast food Try fasting or juicing now and then to detoxify. It works, you’ll feel better, and you’ll shed pounds and tummy blubber. Promise.


If you can’t pry yourself away from the table that easily, then at least get out and work it off.  High intensity workouts are the rage now and for good reason. They keep the heart rate buzzing at full throttle and make you sweat your tail off. I prefer long runsbetween six to nine milesbecause the release of endorphins somehow helps me with creative problem solving, although the results of high intensity are superior for weight loss. There are other things you can do to keep moving. Take the stairs, walk home, take a spin class, or do yogaanything besides sitting like a lump on the couch in front of the television. You’ll see the difference.


Stress keeps you awake. Stress creates blockages around the third chakra that causes the retention of belly fat. People who sleep more actually lose weight—fact. Plus, it’s fun to sleep, especially with someone special. Oh yeah, there are also those fun, weight-reducing activities that you can indulge in while in bed with your partner.

Visualization and meditation.

You’ve got to see it first to make it happen. If you want to lose weight, visualize how you will look after you’ve lost those unwanted pounds. Just keep a clear image of how you want to look in your mind’s eye. You, the skinny one in the thin jeans. Yeah, you. Some find success by taping photos of their desired look on the refrigerator. That’s not a bad idea.

Keep a food log.

Call me crazy, but I was in the best shape of my life the three years that I maintained a food diary. I wrote down every scrap of food or drink that I consumed and learned a lot about myself in the process. I never knew how much I loved peanut butter! By year three I was rock hard and eating smaller amounts of healthier foods, especially the bad stuff like sweets and salty snacks.

There’s lots more, but if you try a few of these weight loss tips on for size, you might find that within a month or two you’ll need to pull that belt buckle one more notch, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

This week’s Guy’s Guys of the week are Bill Clinton and Al Sharpton, two formerly-roly-poly guys who lost a pile of weight when they turned to a vegan diet.

Are you doing what it takes to keep a handle on your weight?

5 Things Men Can Do Right Now

Robert Manni - Friday, September 13, 2013

Nobody knows what men are doing anymore—especially the men. There's no denying that the glass ceiling still exists, but things are changing. While women are on the rise, both in work and education, young men are experiencing a lag. They lack role models and many of their older counterparts are falling behind (and in some cases, falling off). Here are a few suggestions to help men thrive.

Celebrate women.

Men need to realize that women are not the enemy. They should encourage women's gains in the workplace because it's a very good thing for everyone, including men. When women take on more of the heavy lifting and financial burdens, it frees men to evolve in other areas. Women want you to be at your best—not just financially or at your job, but in all aspects. We can make tremendous strides in bridging the growing communications gap between the sexes when everyone wins.

Go inside.

It's an old adage, but the answers do come from within. The media is constantly bombarding us with fear and worry. We become hypnotized by multiplatform messaging and its intrusion into our subconscious. As a result, much of our behavior has become reactive rather than thoughtful. It's necessary to find ways to "tune in and tune out." More and more people are turning to holistic ways of getting in touch with themselves. Energy work like Reiki, hypnosis, meditation, tai chi and yoga are but a few of the practices that are having positive effects on men's wellbeing.

You are what you eat.

Going inside also means cleaning up your body. Cutting back or eliminating smoking, alcohol, red meat, preservatives, GMO's, etc. not only improves physical well being, but also increases your mental clarity. It's a quality of life issue that many men overlook. Unfortunately, many men choose what tastes good rather than what's good for them. As a result, they find themselves talking about what they used to be able to do rather than still doing it because their bodies aren't what they used to be. Even modest changes in diet have long-lasting benefits.

You are more than your job.

Many of my middle-age male friends define themselves solely by their jobs and weekly paychecks. Sure, the economy's tough and we need money to function, but we can define ourselves beyond a position or salary. A man can be much more if he chooses. Jobs and titles change and eventually fade away, leaving men with themselves. Fellas, it's important to know that guy you're going to be spending the rest of your days with—You. Fortunately, we live in a culture rich with outlets for learning and personal growth. Take advantage and you might find you're a lot more than you ever thought you were.

Keep learning.

The secret to youth is remaining curious. No matter how smart or successful you are, it's game over when you think you know everything. Learning also keeps our brain healthier so we can be at our best. There are infinite ways of feeding your mind and nurturing your soul. Take a class, read a book, study a language or learn an instrument. Just do something that brings you joy, regardless of your age or lot in life.

Our world is changing rapidly, but there has never been a better time to be a man. It's up you, guys—take advantage and live vibrantly.

Our Guy's Guy of the Week is Gary Zukav, for his positive works and his book, "The Seat of the Soul".

The Guys’ Guy’s Random Guide to NYC and SoCal

Robert Manni - Thursday, August 29, 2013

I’m an East Coast guy who feels at home in SoCal.

I’m not sure if it’s because America has become so homogeneous or because there are so many New Yorkers who’ve relocated out west.  But for some reason, as soon as the plane lands and I get my bearings, I’m good to go in SoCal. For context, I’m a Jersey guy living in Harlem, and like many New Yorkers, I’ve traveled the golden state numerous times for business or vacations. I spent the past two weeks in Temecula, which is not LA. By the end of the trip I realized that I could be happy living in NYC or SoCal. Hey, a Guy’s Guy needs to be flexible. So, with respect to the great interior of our nation, here are some musings and differences between our two coasts and how they impact culture, Guy’s Guy style. Some are obvious while a few are only found below the radar.

Geography and Culture

Tall buildings anchor NYC. SoCal is spread out. Duh. But, this creates makes a major difference in how people live. Subways, buses, taxis and walking dominate city living. We’re in each other’s face all the time, so like it or not, there is a constant energy exchange.  And that’s good. But, that also means that you’ll never experience loneliness like you do in the big city. In Manhattan, everyone is in a hurry and there are a lot of crazies, so unfortunately, at times, the vibe can feel more suspicious than friendly, unless you are a tourist.

In SoCal you drive and drive and drive, so you’re literally alonewith your thoughts or Sirius Radio.  That’s not a bad thing, but it makes a difference. You hear “hello” and “have a nice day” and “no problem” a lot more in SoCal, but I’m not sure there isn't much behind the words beyond a subconscious desire for a human connection.


Is it me, or do the portions seem a heckuva lot bigger in SoCal than NYC?  You also get more bang for your food dollar in SoCal.  And, understandably, with all of its farms, the produce and veggies in SoCal are big and fresh. Taste? Let’s give that to New York, where you can eat any cuisine from any part of the world at anytime. However, for some reason, New York still struggles with Mexican food.

Names of Streets and Towns

In New York we have global iconic, old school names for streets like, Fifth, Madison and Lexington Avenue. We coin names for new nabes like Chumbo and LoLo, but there are no new towns in New York. In SoCal, new towns are being built every day, many with American Indian or Mexican names, like Temecula, San Marino and Aliso Viejo.

In Temecula, if you make a right off Galleron Avenue onto on Butterfield Stage, then make a right on Rancho California Road you’re in wine country. There are a lot of “Vistas” and "Ranchos” out there and a growing wine country. There are also a lot of “Old Towns” in SoCal, built on what were once the actual centers of frontier towns. Pretty touristy, but they can be fun if you can stop thinking like a New Yorker for a few hours.


In NYC, we run in parks like Central, Prospect and Hudson River Park. It took me a day to figure out where to run in Temecula. First, you have to hit the pavement before 8am and then it’s all sun, hills and asphalt. I thought Central Park had challenging hills until I took a few laps around my mother-in-law’s community. Because there is no real mass transit, there are a lot of stay-at-home moms who are really into fitness. They hit the gym regularly and it shows. Check plus for SoCal on that one.


New York is one noisy place to live. Pulsating jackhammers, rumbling subway trains, police sirens, taxis honking their horns and people yelling are standard sounds we New Yorkers are accustomed to hearing before 8am. During my two-week stay out west at times it was so quiet that I could actually hear the wind pick up at about 5pm every day. Wonderful.


Padres or Yankees? We don’t even have to go there.


Believe it or not, many radio stations still play the big hits of the Eagles, Doors, Jackson Browne, Beach Boys and the other the west coast icons all day, every day.  Cool.

I’m all in on New York. It’s my favorite Guy’s Guy city and there’s no place else like it for people, energy, women and opportunity. That said, a Guy’s Guy is open-minded and I could actually see myself living the quiet life out west in a few years. Well, maybe. It’s really about what works for your state of mind and lifestyle.

This week’s Guys’ Guys of the week are the New Yorkers who moved out west for a mellower life and the actors who chose to live in New York because of its vitality and energy.

Are you East Coast or West Coast, or does it even matter?


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