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On Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness

The Anti-Guy's Guys

Robert Manni - Friday, March 06, 2015

In a Guy’s Guys world, men and women are at their best and everyone wins. It’s about guys stepping up in a time where women are beginning to receive their long overdue recognition.

It’s about our displaying the more admirable characteristics of the “Man’s Man” from a latter day without falling prey to an overload of machismo and a superior attitude towards the ladies. A Guy’s Guy is cooler and more casual than his predecessors from the twentieth century. He’s got timeless style, emotional intelligence, and quiet confidence. And most of all, he respects women.  There are millions of guys who are evolving and becoming better men, but at the same time there are still way too many total bad actors.

Maybe it’s fear. Or anger. Or maybe some guys are just a-holes. I’m not sure, but why is it so tough for some dudes to fit this new definition of masculinity? Since we’ve focused so many posts on ways to embrace the positive qualities of a Guy’s Guy, maybe it’s time to shed some light on those who are not making the grade. I’ve limited my list to cultural personalities and left out terrorists, militants, and even politicians. Here is my first batch of Anti-Guy’s Guys. These dudes have failed miserably. Let’s hope they see the light and change their act.

1. A-Rod.

This knucklehead was on the fast track to not only break MLB’s all-time home run record, but also be inconsideration as the best baseball player EVER. So what does he do? He takes steroids. He gets nabbed. He denies it. Once the evidence is presented, he admits it and says he’s sorry. And, oh yeah, and he’s learned his lesson and will never do it again. Let’s fast forward three years and one Yankees World Championship later. He gets caught again and the same scenario replays itself. He gets suspended for a season. Now he’s forty years old and has two bad hips which could very likely be the result of his steroid abuse. And now, he’s penned a hand written note to the fans asking for forgiveness and support. And guess what? He just can’t figure out why he took those dang steroids and took on his team and Major League Baseball in court. To make matters worse, the Yanks are stuck with his sixty million dollar contract. Yikes, A-Rod. I’ve only scratched the surface of your ego-driven narcissism. You are not a Guy’s Guy. Get help, please.

2. Ray Rice.

Dude, you don’t hit women. Period. And when it’s your finance, what can I say? You need help, and since this prized pair is now actually  married, she needs help also. Recently Mr. Rice had his PR team draft a, “I’m sorry and I’ve learned form my mistakes, so can I be reinstated right away?” release. I suggest deep counseling, lots of soul searching and finding a new line of work besides the NFL.

3. Bernie Madoff.

Methodically and consistently bleeding your friends and family of their hard earned savings is unconscionable. To make matters worse, I don’t recall hearing much from Mr. Madoff in terms of apologies and contrition. He was greedy and he got caught. He lost his trial and off he went to jail, leaving a trail of heartache and pain behind him. Hey Bernie, read my blog. You’ve got the time now.

4. Congress.

With an approval rating below 20% and an overwhelmingly male roster, this group has done very little in the past eight years besides taking partisan stands and lining their pockets from donors and K Street lobbyists.  As a result, the citizens of this great country are paying their salaries and benefits while at the mercy of their corruption. Guys, do me a favor and read the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution a few times. 

5. Corporations.

The food companies work like hell to sell us processed products like sugar-laden Frosted Flakes that are Grrreat for us, while also fighting tooth and nail not to let the consumers see what’s in the products they are shilling. Big pharma makes a killing selling consumer drugs that are weighed down by side effects requiring, guess what, other drugs. Hence the prescription drug cocktail. Oil company spills have ravaged our seas while their billions in profits could be used to fund alternative energy sources that don’t imprison our economy to pollution-causing crude. The list of industries goes on and on, all fueled by chasing the almighty dollar over any consideration about their fellow man. And by the way, the vast majority of corporate CEO’s are men. Guys, please take a break from counting your stacks and start thinking about sustainability and how to save our fragile planet.

6. Ben Carver. 

A brilliant neurosurgeon decides to run for president and quickly shoots down his candidacy in one of his first national interviews by firmly stating that being gay is a choice. He backs up his claim by telling the interviewer that many men go into prison straight and exit prison gay. I don’t think Mr. Carver has spent any nights in prison. If he wants to make a difference, I suggest that consider he perform the world’s first self-lobotomy.

7. Media, Brian Williams, Bill O’Reilly.

There are only a handful of news organizations remaining and they decide what they collectively deem as news. You can click your remote back and forth on any given night and see the same stories being told the same way by a different set of pretty faces. We get constant updates on the stories they choose, until they decide the story is played out and ready to be replaced with the next one of their choosing. How many headlines on the evening news are about our eight-year war in Afghanistan? Yet, we all know when Bruce Jenner gets into a fender bender. On top of this we have so-called journalists who have been ginning up fond memories of their legacy-embellishing escapades that have been found to be not exactly true. This is amazing and sad. And yes, men run the media world, too. 

8.  Floyd Mayweather.

You call yourself the GOAT (greatest of all time). So why have you ducked the same fighter for the past six years? Finally, this talented, undefeated welterweight has been shamed into meeting a smaller Manny Pacquiao in the ring for a paltry estimated purse of $300 million. Mayweather picked the date, the venue, and the other variables. Will he also hand pick the referee and the judges? Let’s hope not, but hope he shows up. Here’s to 47-1.

So there you have a short list of people and organizations that need a wake up call. It’s not so difficult to be a Guy’s Guy. Just respect yourself, your fellow man, and women. The rest will fall into place.

This week’s Guy’s Guy of the Week is Tyler Perry. This talented actor, writer, producer, director recently purchased a new van for a woman with cerebral palsy whose vehicle was stolen from her driveway. Coincidently, one his most successful film projects is, “Good Deeds”. Well done, Mr. Perry.

The Guys' Guy's Guide to Drinking on a Budget

Robert Manni - Thursday, February 26, 2015

This one’s for the guys. I’ve been well provided for most of my life, but there have been a few times when I’ve been down to my last couple of bucks.

During my freshman year at Villanova University, my dorm mates and I routinely found ourselves broke. This led to our plotting heists of the “hoagie man”. Every night he’d drag his cardboard box filled with sandwiches down the hallways by a long rope, calling out his wares to the stoned-out freshmen that were far from home and sick of eating tasteless cafeteria food. My roommate or I would wait until he’d step inside of a room to make a sale before one of us made a mad dash for his box of grinders, hoping to make off with at least two meatball subs. Man, those were desperate times. And when it came to drinking, we were often reduced to drinking fifty-cent short beers at Kelly’s Bar in Bryn Mawr or swilling red cups filled from kegs of Schmidt’s at our weekly frat parties.

As a result I’ve come to learn the value of a dollar and how to squeeze the most out of it. With our never-ending post-2008 shitty economy, most of us ninety-nine per centers must stretch our paychecks just to keep on keeping on. And in an expensive city like New York, that takes a special kind of financial acumen, especially when it comes to drinking.

In a city where a top shelf cocktail can run you twenty bucks, a Guy’s Guy has to find great drinks at a value price. I enjoy an excruciatingly dry, quadruple-distilled, shaken, not stirred vodka martini at the Peninsula Rooftop, Soho House or the Tribeca Grand Hotel Bar as much as the next guy, but there have been times when I did not have an expense account to cover my business-related tippling. That’s when I needed some creativity to catch a buzz in an alcohol-soaked city that never sleeps. And although I do not drink nearly as much today as I did in the past, over the years I learned a few tricks that kept me consistently in 100% blue agave tequila. I’d like to share them with you.


There are many fantastic wine and spirit retailers in the city. Personally, I love the wine store at Chelsea Market. The staff is knowledgeable and their selection is efficient. But, I’m not always in a position to purchase their top wines. So I tracked down a few retail venues to stock my home bar at a fraction of the cost. For wine, it’s hard to beat Trader Joe’s Wines on 14th Street. I just picked up a bottle of Wente Riva Ridge, a $25 Chardonnay, for $16.99. That’s a very good deal. I’m not a big proponent of the TJ $2.99 house brand, but the more upscale versions of Trader Joe Select, which typically run between $4.99 and $8.99, are good quality relative to their price point.

For a broad selection of discounted spirits, look no further than Warehouse Wines and Spirits on Broadway and Astor Place. To my trained eye, Warehouse buys mass quantities of top quality brands that are either undergoing a packaging change or on the brink of being discontinued. And that’s a very good thing. As a veteran of the spirits industry, I can tell you that many excellent brands fail simply because they just don’t have the right marketing mix to garner the consumer traction required to succeed in what is basically an image business. Last week I picked up a liter bottle of Forty-Two Below vodka from New Zealand for $12.99 and a liter of Chinaco Blanco tequila for $19.99. These are great products at unbeatable prices. And a 750ml bottle of Pyrat Rum from Anguilla can be had for around twenty bucks. That’s a steal.

On Premise

There are innumerable gin mills in New York with 5-7pm happy hours and also hipster joints that serve awesome mixologist cocktails. These mixologist bars are everywhere now, and they are great for dates, but they charge top dollar. You can always find a local drinking hole when you want to slum it in your neighborhood, but that gets old. The Lower East Side was formerly a bastion of said establishments, but the times are a changin’ and the revered punk palaces have been replaced by taquerias and coffee bars. You can head to the boroughs and hit the up and coming neighborhoods like Bed Sty for drinks, but gentrification is setting in even in outposts like this, and drink prices are rising along with the cost of real estate. What to do?

If you work in Manhattan and you are planning an extended evening of drinking beers with your BFF’s on a budget, you’re best served settling in at one of the Manhattan old school drinking establishments. There are a handful of these bastions still in existence. There is the Ear, Dive Bar, BillyMarks West, Holland Bar on Ninth Avenue near Port Authority, McSorley’s, the Patriot, and a handful of other notorious joints. Take your pick. They will all help you get your buzz on for less than forty bucks, with a few buybacks to boot.

I recommend two old faves Old Town Tavern on 18th Street near Union Square and Peter McManus on 19th Street and Seventh. Both are conveniently located near subway stops and are fun places to pound beers and catch up with your buds. The atmosphere is super casual, the crowds change constantlyrunning the gamut from locals to boomers to millennials and both venues are laden with history.

Over the years I’ve watched a number of Yankee games at both establishments, starting the night with a steady flow of draft beers and evolving to calls for bourbon on ice, or vodka and tequila shots. Over the years, I’ve received more buybacks at McManus, but if you want to grab a bite, the Old Town has better food. So if you’re on a budget, and want to grab some cold brews, you can’t go wrong with either of these NYC institutions.

You might even see my boys and me at the end of the bar, catching the last few innings of a Yankee game.

This week’s GUY’S GUY of the week is Mickey Rourke, for his portrayal of Charles Bukowski in “Barfly”, the classic drinking-on-a-budget movie.

Making Valentine's Day Work for You

Robert Manni - Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine’s Day is a day most of us dread.

It’s commercial, pressure-filled, exploitive, and most importantly-- forced and unromantic. I’ll leave all of that to next week’s otherValentine’s Day post. But there are two ways to look at V-Day as it gets pitched our way each and every year. Whether it’s chocolate, flowers, jewelry, vibrating panties, weekend getaways, etc.—you name it and they’re selling it in fire engine red. Here are a few suggestions for how to not only cope, but to have fun and share the love. And that’s the point. Valentine’s Day should be about celebrating heart-felt love. Your Guy’s Guy suggests that the best way to make this a special occasion is by personalizing it. That means making it all about your partner…and not about you.

If love is in the air and you want to fan the flames.

If you’re a guy and you want to get intimate with a woman for the first time the tendency is to buy her lingerie, hoping that she’ll wear it for you on Valentine’s Day. Don’t do it. She is more than aware that you want the show. If you consider my suggestions and it’s meant to be, the show will open to rave reviews... and it will go on and on.  Chocolates and flowers and cards and jewelry are always welcomed, but a Guy’s Guy adds intimacy to her gifts that empower them as expressions of love. So instead of doing the expected and buying a printed card at Walgreens, buy her a card that allows you to craft your own special message to her. Remind her of all the things she does that make her special and why you want to get to know her better. Pay attention to the details the way a woman does. Believe me, she will notice and you won’t have to buy her red lingerie. She’ll bring on the black when the time is right and when she does you’d better fasten your seat belt. Other things to consider are attending events together like a sake tasting or a Broadway show that she mentions in passing. Sharing brings couples closer together.

If you want to keep the fires burning.

Again, it is all about personalization. If you buy her jewelry, have it inscribed with a special message. A former paramour once bought me a silver necklace with an understatedly elegant pendant. Nice. When I looked closer she inscribed the underside with, “Love Slave”. Talk about marking your territory. It worked. Of course when my next girlfriend took one look at it, it came off instantly. If you show some effort to personalize your gift when you are in a long-term relationship or marriage, it makes your partner feel appreciated. How about writing down the twenty things she does that make her so special. Why is she so important to your life, what makes her sexy, funny, etc? Make her feel special. That is intimacy.

Wild Cards.

If you’re going down the sexual path remember to make it all about your special someone. That’s where the lingerie and crazy stuff like vibrating panties and sex toys come into play. All good. That said, you want to make sure that there is as much giving as receiving so that the festivities go all night long. Along with the little blue pill and its ilk, there are various oils and lotions that help keep the balls in play. A quick spritz could keep the party in full swing. A real Guy’s Guy wants to make his woman happy, so that everyone wins. Remember that Valentine’s Day is all about your partner, so have fun. And play safe.

This week’s Guy’s Guy of the Week is Paul McCartney for writing all of those wonderful silly love songs.

Are you making Valentine’s Day all about your partner?

The Holiday About Love That Everyone Hates

Robert Manni - Thursday, February 12, 2015

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. I dread it, and I’d like to have a chat with St. Valentine. He may be a saint, but he’s got a lot of explaining to do.  The myth behind the man is as confounding as the commercial celebration of romantic love that sprang from his legend. Was he beaten to death with clubs, beheaded after restoring sight and hearing to the daughter of his jailer, or was his romantic legend a creation of Chaucer? Until the twentieth century, the tales surrounding this enigmatic man had been spun more times than a soggy towel around the dryer.  Then a slew of corporations that produce syrupy greeting cards, milk chocolate hearts, or jewelry saw the dollar signs and lovingly embraced his “brand”.  And since it’s a holiday we are now treated to price gouging at restaurants and florists. In my informal survey the majority of men and women I spoke to conjured up emotions far from loving when they saw February 14th and that big red heart on their calendars.

What’s the one word that comes to mind when men and women think of Valentine’s Day?  

Pressure. If you're single, Valentine’s Day reminds you very clearly that you are currently not on the invitation list to life’s love-in, making you feel less than saintly. If you’re in a relationship, then you have to up your game and deliver the goods - big time. Women love flowers and chocolates, and like receiving them unexpectedly… on any other day. And although she’s digs jewelry, on February 14th it must be diamonds or gold, and it better sparkle. All men love seeing their woman dolled up in new lingerie, but if her outfit is really for him, who buys it for Valentine’s Day? Tiptoeing around Victoria’s Secret and sifting through teddies, garters and thongs can be unsettling. And he probably forgot what size she wears and does not want to make a mistake.  You’ve seen guys wandering around the store checking out other women’s boobs trying to figure out if they could be the same size as his girlfriend’s. And trust me - a man gets no kicks from discussing his lady’s cup size with the sales girl. Pressure.

So how do we get through this annual ordeal?

I have no clear answer. And to ratchet up my own personal helping of pressure, my wife’s birthday is on February 12th. I’m totally screwed. Okay, breathe. There’s hope. Some experts say that February 14th is the best night for single ladies to get lucky. That is if they can rally the troops and muster up the moxie for a manhunt. So, if you are a single guy, get your butt out there.  And when you hit the bars keep your eyes focused on those ladies on the lookout for some man-meat and off the hockey game playing on the big screen. If you’re a man who is in a relationship, you’ve still got time to come up with something fresh. Buy her some well-deserved pampering at a top shelf spa or offer to cook her a romantic dinner.  If you’re a woman, bust out the deep red lipstick and push up bra ensemble and rock his world. Trust me. That’s all he wants. K.I.S.S., as they say. Keep it simple, stupid! As for me, I might end up caulking the bathroom tile before taking her out to her favorite raw food restaurant.  But, I’ll do that on her birthday. Then I’ll wish for February 15th.

The Guys' Guy's Guide to Relaxing

Robert Manni - Thursday, February 05, 2015

Man, I really enjoy my down time. Yet, I’m amazed that so many people find “relaxing” to be an unattainable goal. Sure, life is hard and we have super-stressful jobs chock-full of responsibility and stuff we need to do. At times it doesn't seem like there are enough hours in the day to address every pressing issue. This is why finding the time to relax and just “be” is so important.

Our lives are not meant to be so stressful. Way, way back in the day, survival was key when people lived in a “fight or flight” mode. Nowadays, many of us are blessed with food, drink, shelter, modern conveniences and numerous forms of entertainment. Still, we feel rushed and under pressure.

What’s a Guy’s Guy to do? Nothing. That’s right. Nothing. When my world speeds up I go to my tried and true ways for slowing it down. This life is a blessing and I’m determined to find time to kick back and just “be” whenever it is necessary for my health, sanity and wellbeing, no matter what’s going on. I still “do” a lot, but it’s important to balance the “doing” with the “being”. Even if it’s only for a few short minutes a day, there are many ways to chill out. I hope this short list can work for you. The key is committing to putting aside fifteen minutes a day to just “be”.

1. Breathe

Inhale. Exhale. It’s that simple, yet we too often run around huffing and puffing as we tend with lives imprisoned by bars made up of tasks and to-do lists. I like to step outside, find a place to sit quietly with my eyes closed and just breathe, even if it’s only for a few minutes. I like repeating a mantra or employing a short visualization exercise, but the most important thing is simply sitting quietly and breathing. Try it sometime, even if it is for a few short minutes. Just breathe.

2. Walk

This is my favorite way of relaxing. I’ve walked everywhere in Manhattan. Always have, always will. When I first moved into the city, I would walk from my flat on West 34th Street to Chinatown for lunch on Sunday. Then I’d walk back along a different route. It was great exercise and showed me so many neighborhoods in the city. It also gave me time to think and be one with my thoughts. Thirty years later, walking remains one of my favorite past times and ways to unwind.

3. Meditate/Visualize

Each day I practice some form of meditation. Recently, I have been practicing Color Works, a visualization exercise developed by healer Patti Conklin. I use it to address whatever ails my physical vessel. With eyes closed, I inhale through my nose and exhale through my mouth. I ask my body to show me a color that relates to a physical issue I suggest. Lately I have been using this to reduce the residual swelling in my abdomen from two robotic surgeries. Once my body shows me a color I breathe it in through the soles of my feet, through my body and out of my nostrils. Colors have vibrations, so they can carry energy. After a few minutes I tell my body out loud that I love it unconditionally. Then I ask it for another color to balance out what we just eliminated. I breathe it through my nose and then exhale while flushing it out through my crown. I end the process by drawing white light through my physical being. All of this can be found in Patti’s book, God Within. The entire process takes about fifteen minutes, and it does a world of good.

4. Be Appreciative

Beginning and ending each day with an acknowledgment and show of thankfulness will set your head straight. I find that this very simple practice subconsciously helps put any day-to-day stresses and headaches into perspective. If I have my health, my family and a roof over my head I can take on any challenge successfully. Showing gratitude when my head hits the pillow at the end of a long day relaxes me. It helps me release my spirit to God or the universal consciousness. Before I know it, I’m on the fast track to slumber and a good night’s sleep. And we all know how difficult falling and stating asleep is for so many people.

5. Read

Who reads? And who has the time? We’re reading all day while on our mobile devices, iPads and computers. And that’s a good thing. But, I’m referring to reading books. Yes, we are challenged for time, but we somehow find ways to binge watch television series and watch sports. I always carry a book with me (sorry Kindle). I find that by reading on the subway I can relax quite nicely during my daily between the trips uptown to downtown and back. I realize that the Lexington line is challenging for reading, but reading is possible on any other subway line and any commuter train.

6. Nap

Okay, this is an indulgence, but grabbing a few winks in the late afternoon or early evening is a real treat. I was never a napper until a few years ago, but now I look forward to carving out an hour or so whenever possible to lay down and just chill. It replenishes my energy and keeps my head clear from the internal monkey chatter we all wrestle with in these modern times. These practices won’t solve all of your problems, but they can help improve the quality of your day-to-day life. And that’s a good thing.

This week’s Guy’s Guy of the Week is the Buddha. Whatever his current incarnation, the man just knows how to chill from the inside out. He’s a great role model for us Guy’s Guys.

Five Reasons We Love the Super Bowl

Robert Manni - Friday, January 30, 2015

I’ve watched every Super Bowl. That’s all forty-eight broadcasts, so the NFL must be doing something right. Over the past half century, the big game has grown into a global media juggernaut and it’s arguably the largest singular sporting contest on Earth. Every subsequent year since 1969 and Super Bowl III when Joe Willie Namath guaranteed victory for the 18 1/2-point underdog New York Jets (really) before taking down the Baltimore Colts 16-7, the Super Bowl has grown steadily in stature and grandeur. What was once a simple grind-it-out championship football game played on a neutral field has turned into a spectacle that provides viewers of all ages and genders something to marvel at.

This year the reigning champion Seattle Seahawks face the New England Patriots. The buzz has been about New England’s history of purportedly shady practices and the recent revelation that 11 out 12 of the footballs they used in the AFC Championship game were found to be under-inflated. So, this one may be remembered as the “Deflategate” Super Bowl. It should be a great game though, pitting Tom Brady and New England’s high-powered offense against Seattle’s “Legion of Boom” defense. I’ll take the Patriots 24-17 as they control the ball and the clock for most of the game. But when in comes to the Super Bowl, you never know what surprises may lay in store. An improbable hero, a botched call by the refs, a phenomenal catch that changes the fate of a team forever. It’s all on the line this Sunday. The halftime show features pop star Katy Perry with Lenny Kravitz and there is already buzz about some of this year’s controversial ads.

Please allow your Guy’s Guy to walk you through a number of the reasons why us Guy’s Guys, and just about everybody else puts their snarkiness aside for a few hours this Sunday and vibes with this annual over-the-top event.

1. The Stakes.

Unlike the World Series and the NBA Finals, the Super Bowl is one game. Sure, the NCAA finals and World Cup also come down to one game, but neither has the marketing panache of the Super Bowl. Unless you were from Argentina or Germany, did you really care who won the World Cup? In the NCAA March Madness tournament, by the time it gets to the finals, do you really care which college superpower wins another title? That said, it everyone has an opinion and a rooting interest in the Super Bowl. One reason is that unlike other championship games, the press devotes and incredible amount of space during an otherwise bleak last two-weeks of January on the big game. The hype is without peer and from food to fashion; it permeates many facets of our culture.

2. Half Time.

No other sporting event can boast the spectacle of a Super Bowl Halftime Show. It is an event in itself. Music’s top stars including The Rolling Stones, The Who, Madonna, Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, and Paul McCartney have all performed to an audience of close to one billion viewers worldwide. Each act is tasked with putting on a thrilling show in twenty minutes, and most have succeeded. I’ve attended two Super Bowls. The first one was in 1993, pitting the Dallas Cowboys against the Buffalo Bills. Seeing the young Cowboys reclaim their reputation as America’s Team by upsetting the revered Bill 52-17 was a personal thrill. Our halftime show at the Rose Bowl featured Michael Jackson. You can’t get bigger than that. Let’s see if this year, Katy Perry has the chops to deliver a Super Bowl worthy performance.

3. The Ads.

I’m a marketer and ad guy by trade, so I’m fascinated by the overblown Super Bowl ads for commodity products like mass-produced beer, soft drinks, fast food, salty snacks, and tires, and the reactions we hear from the viewers. The ads people usually recall are the ones that they liked. Ironically, advertisers and the tests new campaigns go through before they get produced usually overlook “likeability” as a variable. Too often the testing focuses only on an ad’s ability to communicate the brand strategy. It’s no wonder why so many ads these days are so flat-footed. I call these ads, “stratecutions”. During the Super Bowl, though, many brands take risks by investing in over-the-top productions for the return of a “buzz” factor that can spark and carry a brand’s sales momentum throughout the year.

4. The Parties.

Most people I know have their own game plan for the big game. Maybe they are having friends and family over, or a bunch of guys get together to grill and drink, or a group of colleagues put out a spread while they chit chat during the game before locking in the ads and halftime show before heading home. By now the consumer’s involvement in their own festivities, food, and drink have become a new tradition rivaling Thanksgiving.

5. Winter Sucks.

Let’s face it. In a good portion of our country the weather in January is at best dismal. Here in New York, the city has been awash with hues of gray, brown and black since Thanksgiving, with little hope for change anytime soon. And after the big game, February’s greets an unwelcoming population with more cold, slushy days. If you are a sports fan, you most likely experience a football hangover after the game that lasts until March Madness which six weeks from now. That’s a long time, amigo. But, New Yorkers are tough and scrappy. Somehow, we find new ways to get through this sports drought, even if it means watching a Nets game.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Super Bowl is big business and lots of money changes hands from all the betting. Who hasn’t bought a box or two in the company pool? The bottom line is that Sunday marks a special day that we now collectively celebrate every year. It really doesn’t matter who wins. Super Bowl Sunday is more about our experience and how we share this cultural phenomenon with our friends, colleagues and loved ones. And don’t forget the guacamole.

This week’s Guys’ Guys of the Week are the players and coaching staffs of the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. After all, this is a football game, and without their hard work from training camp through January, there would be no Super Bowl. Congrats to both squads and let the best team win.

How to Seal the Deal and Keep it Real

Robert Manni - Thursday, January 22, 2015

Some say that for men, finding a willing sex partner has never been easier. But it’s not quite a glamorous as the media leads us to believe. After all, not every guy has six-pack abs, lots of bank and hooks up with a new hottie on Tinder every Friday night.

And although lot of young guys aspire to be a “Don Jon” style ladies man, many young bucks get sidetracked by porn, the ease of technology and watching too much sports. As a result, “hanging out” has become the new definition of dating. As a result many dudes think they have their swerve on, but are pretty limited when it comes to conversational skills and social élan.  And that’s no way to discover real intimacy with a prospective partner. Enter your Guy’s Guy with a handful of tried and true tips that can help any guy show respect for his partner while getting his ticket punched along the way. And, trust me, if you follow these guidelines word will get around with the ladies that you are one righteous hombre. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when meeting a lady of high interest. Drum roll please.

1. She wants to go to bed with you.

Women are like banks that prequalify lenders. That doesn’t mean everyone gets the loan, but if she agrees to a date, you're in a good position. Stated another way, when a woman agrees to go out on an actual (not hanging out) date with a guy, chances are she’s already thought about having sex with him. Women pay attention and they think ahead. And they don’t like wasting time. At this point it’s up to the guy not to screw things up. But, in the majority of cases that’s exactly what happens. They find ways to drop the ball, and like rookie running backs, they end up on the sidelines, hoping and waiting for their number to get called again. Keep this in mind and you are on a fast track to success.

2. Date like a Guy’s Guy.

Although she’s fitter than you and capable of tapping you out with an arm bar, today's women pine for men to treat them like ladies. That means being a gentlemen and asking her (not texting her) out by phone, or better yet, in person. That also means having a plan in mind that matches her interests. That requires some active listening on your part. She mentioned loving sushi? Need I say more about where to take her on that first real date?

When you greet her, tell her she looks pretty. Put the damn phone down and pay attention to her during dinner. Pick up the tab. Afterwards, hail a cab for her. If things go well and she invites you back to her place, good for you. That said, play it cool and don’t push her. She will let you know how you are doing, but don’t expect the whole enchilada on the first night (more to come on that). Read the signals and know when to go home. On the way home or the next day send her a thank you text. Tell her you had a great time and would like to see her again. Then follow up. That’s all, my friend. 

3. Be patient, be creative.

Good things come to those who wait and improvise. Quick story... One summer a few years back I connected with a hottie on Match. She had curves, piercing black eyes and legs to die for. Oh, I wanted her badly. The first time we met, we shared coffee at a café in the East Village. That was it. She knew she was smoking hot and I was unsure she wanted to see me again. That week I asked her out again and we met for a casual dinner. Following a late night drink she gave me a quick “goodnight” peck on the cheek. My balls ached the entire cab ride home. We met for drinks again that week with the same conclusion. Grrr.

I needed to try something different. I asked her to join me at a Fourth of July parade in the little seaside town where I have a small beach house. On a star-spangled sunny morning we stood side by side taking in the colorful wholesome, real Americana event. She was originally from Taiwan and I noticed how her eyes light up during the parade. She was totally into the pageantry. Afterwards I suggested we stop at my place for a soft drink. As we looked out at the sea I slipped my arms around her and leaned in for a kiss. She accepted my lips eagerly and a few minutes later we were rumpling my sheets like tigers in heat. Patience and creativity had paid off. 

4. Clean up your crib.

I’ll keep this short. Women appreciate a guy with clean sheets and a clean bathroom. I’ve lived in a few dumps in my day and have not always followed this rule. And on occasion I’m sure it prevented me from sealing the deal. Over time I learned that when your place sparkles, you have a much better shot at making hay with a lady. Case closed.

5. A little romance goes a long way.

The women I know really appreciate when a guy does something thoughtful. A bouquet of flowers (no special occasion required), a bottle of her favorite wine, and cooking her dinner can go a long way in sparking a woman’s interest in pleasing a guy. Think about it… And do it because you want to please her, not just for the reward.

6. Be appreciative and take care of her needs.

It took me awhile to get this one straight, but once I saw the light, my love life and sex life really took off. As a guy I know how desperate we can get when we want to get off.  But there is a big difference between getting off and making love. You can get off by yourself. You need a special lady to make love. And if you take care of her needs first and consistently, she’ll probably give you get everything you’ve dreamt about.

There’s more, lots more where that came from, but let’s put a wrap on this for now. A few insightful nuggets can go a long way in the evolution of a horn dog guy to a mature loving man.

Four Lessons I Learned from Surgery

Robert Manni - Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Well, it’s a new year and I’m better now.  The first half of last year I got into the best shape of my life, relative to my age. It was exhilarating to run like the wind for ten miles and feel the endorphins kick in while perspiring under golden sunshine. My daddy weight melted away, I was jacked, and my abs were as tight as they’ve been in years. I felt great.

Then in July I found out I had a kidney stone that was slowly and painfully making its way to my bladder.  Following a CT scan I received a diagnosis of opportunity. The doctors found a non-aggressive growth on each kidney. As a result, the second half of the year consisted of tests and more tests followed by two robotic surgical procedures. Fortunately, I received excellent care and by the end of the year I was on a path to a full recovery, almost as if nothing had happened. I have a follow up MRI in six months, but that’s it. The ordeal is over and in some ways it was close to miraculous.  Now that I’ve had a few months to let things sink in, your Guy's Guy would like to share what I’ve learned from a very real, life-altering experience and wake up call. Maybe it will be of help to you as you find your way on your journey. I hope so.


My painful bout with a kidney stone was a blessing because it pushed me to see a doctor and get a CT scan. That scan identified the growths. The next step was up to me and I was told that the growths were non-aggressive and may not cause a major problem for years. But, they weren’t going away, and who wants that hanging over their head? I asked my inner guide and the answer was obvious. Do it and do it now, Guy’s Guy.  I decided right then to have them removed as quickly as possible. Now I’m sure not everyone would push to undergo back-to-back robotic surgeries within a month’s time, but I knew it was the right call. And now that it is over, I’m glad that I took this course of action.


In the past many people simply handed themselves over to their medical practitioners.  No second opinions, not enough tough questions asked. I’ve seen this with my family and others. Frankly, in many cases, that’s a potential recipe for disaster. These days, our health care system is in flux. At times, it can be chaotic. This makes it critically important to have your insurance ducks in a row and know what is covered. Then, do anything you can to find the right practitioner for whatever ails you, and in particular, the best surgeon.

Follow directions prior to any procedure and take proper care of yourself throughout the healing process. It makes a difference. If a hospital stay is necessary, bring your own food, water and whatever else provides you with comfort. My hospital offered a free post-operative program that included numerous healing arts including Reiki. It really made a difference.


Many of us live under constant pressure, and at times, fear. It doesn’t have to be that way. At some times it’s critical to step out of the whirlwind of our stress-inducing careers and simply be. One way is to set aside a half hour every day for meditation, but how many people actually do this? Not enough. But when life gives you the kind of heads up that I received last year, I made sure to listen to my intuition carefully and do whatever was necessary to heal— physically, mentally, and spiritually. I set time aside each day for positive affirmations and visualizations of my body healing. I actually spoke to my body— thanking it for the wonderful service it has blessed me with over the years. And, I let myself be. I ate well and went to bed early for three months, and it paid off in spades. I did my best to put my career and my personal brand on somewhat on autopilot and I was fortunate that I could afford a short respite from the pressures of a corporate career. This was a special time for me, and in ways, a sacred time. Find the time to take care of yourself. You’re worth it.


Getting caught up in our day-today world and media-driven society makes it easy to forget how and why we got here in the first place. Regardless of your personal beliefs on this very personal subject, we can all agree that we did not do all of this on our own. Somehow, we are here, right now. And although each one of us ultimately determines how our daily lives manifest, we are part of a great universal conscious. The fact that we are even here is a miracle. So thank your lucky stars or whatever you choose for this gift of being alive, on this planet right now. And remember— all we have is the right now and it can change in a heartbeat. Enjoy each day of good health and be thankful for it.

Now it’s time for me to put this experience behind me and put into action all that it taught me about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. I hope I treat people better and learn to respect and not judge. I hope to savor everyone and everything in my life, and know that despite my free will, everything is unfolding just as it should.

This week’s Guys’ Guys of the Week are my inner guide and angels who I know helped me get through this ordeal in a way that will make me a better person.

10 Great Books from 10 Great Guests on Guy's Guy Radio

Robert Manni - Monday, January 12, 2015

Being a featured host of a growing Blog Talk Radio podcast has its advantages. I get to meet an array of very smart, cool and nice people from all walks of life, love and the pursuit of happiness. And I get to read many wonderful, spiritual books.

We’ve produced over 115 shows now and they are available for free on iTunes. Just click on and you’re set. There is a new show every Wednesday at 7pm ET. Okay, enough of promoting me.  Let’s call attention to the written works from some of the terrific people that I’ve interviewed. There are many more, but this is a good starter list of very helpful books that are available from Amazon or your favorite e-tailers.  And you can find most of them at your local bookstore. Of course all the authors have websites, if you are interested in learning more. So, in no particular order, here is your Guys’ Guy’s sampling of books that can help raise your frequency:

1. LIQUID LUCK by Dr. Joseph Gallenberger

I recently read this helpful guide for manifesting personal good fortune and I eagerly await delivery of the companion CD with the meditation. The book stands alone as a constructive guide for grounding and putting yourself in position to receive all the positive manifestations that you deserve. The writing is straightforward, clear and the book provides a great way to clear the negative mental monkey-chatter and doubts that can hold us back.

2. GOD WITHIN by Patti Conklin

Patti is one of the world’s foremost medical intuitives and vibrational healers. I participated in a cellular cleanse with her and Patti has been very kind and helpful when I faced some health challenges last year. She is also an awesome person.  Her book is clear, concise and confident. I’ve read it twice and I frequently perform her ColorWorks and Healing Pool meditations.

3. I AM THE WORD by Paul Selig

Since I stumbled upon this book a few years ago, Paul has gone on to become a leading empath and channel for his spiritual guides. He’s gone on to “transcribe” two more books that were also gifted by his guides. He travels extensively leading seminars and sessions with the guides. I’ve read his three books and can vouch for their transformational qualities. I’ve felt a real change in my being and knowing since the concepts took root in my consciousness.

4. MY LIFE CONTRACT by Joel Fotinos

This gem of a book helps set you on a path to accomplishments in ninety-day chunks. Straightforward, practical and honest, Joel helps the readers set themselves up for success by laying out a workbook plan that keeps them on track with their goals. Highly recommended.

5. THE EARTHKEEPER by Adam C. Hall

What a story! Adam achieved the American dream in all its glory and then woke up to the nightmare of his own life condition. He takes us on his journey to knowledge while opening his heart and displaying his wounds along the way. Adam’s Earthkeeper foundation is doing great things to sustain and maintain our natural resources and environment.

6. THE DIVINE MOTHER SPEAKS by Rashmi Khilnani

Rashmi has written three books that share her channeled journeys and conversations with Gaia, Babaji and Buddha. Poignant, illuminating and energetically charged, these books put the reader in touch with the universal consciousness. Rashmi is also co-producer of the new documentary film, iGod

7. ONENESS by Rasha

This is a charged text that takes the reader on a deep-dive into the meaning of our existence and how we can find more joyfulness in our personal journey. The text is channeled and gives the reader a deep experience while reading. The book blows open previous notions of truth that we thought we knew about the meaning of life. Incredible.


A retired professor from the theoretical physics department tackles the concept of creativity through the lens of quantum physics and offers up a new way to harness it. But, don’t be afraid. It’s reader-friendly as it combines art with science. Amazing.

9. DREAMS 1-2-3 by J.M. DeBORD

This fresh, contemporary work takes the reader through a step-by-step process for learning the language of your dreams. It isn’t your “hot dogs chasing donuts through the Lincoln Tunnel” take on symbolism either. The book helps you use dreams to reconcile your past and present issues and set you on a steady course for the future.

10. WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU’RE DEAD by Sondra Sneed

Magic happens when a former atheist interviews the source of infinite being. Sneed is a Godscriber who shares her dialogue between herself and the creator of the universe. It’s more an awakening and warning about man’s penchant for self-destruction than a touchy-feel-good  spiritual guide. Unique, to say the least.

There are many more authors and books I can recommend from my guests, but this list provides a good start to help you on a path to awakening. This week’s Guys’ Guys of the week are all of my wonderful guests that have visited me on GUY’S GUY RADIO. Thank you all!    

Five Resolutions for 2015

Robert Manni - Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sadly, by the second week of January, most people have already failed at their New Year’s resolutions.

After all, making changes in our behavior is challenging, especially when we bite off more than we can chew. I’ve given up drinking a few times and have lasted three, four and even five months, but denial is tough. Making positive changes is no easier. But, fortunately each New Year, week and day comes with the opportunity of a fresh start. With that in my mind your Guy’s Guy offers you a handful of resolutions to make your life and this world a better place. And you don’t need a new year to get started.

1. Less tech, more active living.

We live in an age where technology keeps changing at an exceedingly more rapid pace. And to succeed in the conscious world we’d better know how to master our phones, apps, and social media or we’ll be viewed like Grandma trying to “turn on the Internet” or Google a cookie recipe. But tech can lead us to more passive lives. We’re watching instead of doing. We’re staring at the LED screen instead of reading and nurturing our imaginations. We’re texting instead of conversing. We’re focusing our attention on video games instead of playing ball in the park. We’re becoming wimps. If we could be mindful about our overreliance on tech and choose more activities that exercise our body, mind and spirit, we’ll be making great strides as a culture.

2. Spend more time in nature.

Every time I step into Central Park the energy changes. There is something special about being outdoors that grounds my spirit with the Earth’s energy. Unless there is a torrential downpour, I always take my young son outside for a walk. And I notice that my son and the toddlers that I frequently see at the playground have less anxiety on their faces than some of the tykes I see on the subway staring at video screens and eating potato chips. With all our creature comforts it’s easy to sit indoors and keep life at arm’s length. But that’s no way to live—step outside whenever you can. Fresh air and nature rejuvenate our spirits.

3. Don’t judge. Accept people as they are.

This one took me a long time. My internal critic has a razor sharp wit and working in advertising exposed me to too many judgments about people and ideas. But I learned, and as usual I learned the hard way. Over the years, I did not build as many relationships as I could have and I dismissed a lot of people who I thought were jackasses. I guess I’m not that different than anyone else in that regard, but I realize now that it’s not my job to have other people see the world through my personal lens. Trying to change people is tedious and frustrating because we cannot see what lurks inside them or what has led them to their behaviors, decisions or perspectives. I know now it’s more productive to work on myself. When we focus on bettering ourselves, we raise our frequency and shed light on the others we come in contact with. Basically, it’s leading by example.

4. Be grateful.

After receiving a medical “diagnosis of opportunity” earlier this year, I spent six months in and out of hospitals, doctor’s offices and medical procedures. I have ten puncture scars across my abdomen and a left flank that’s still swollen, but I’m thankful. Yes, I’m really, really thankful. My faith was strong, my medical teams were talented and capable, and my body was responsive. And now I am well. The few times I began feeling sorry for myself, I’d invariably learn about a friend or colleague in a far more precarious situation. Each day I awaken with gratitude for my many blessings and good health. Try it for a week.

5. Watch what you eat.

Let’s face it; our food supply has changed. Every day we learn more about the tricks and deceptions of food labeling, the horrible treatment of factory farmed animals and the potential long-term effects of eating processed foods and GMO ingredients. If the food industry has nothing to hide, why don’t they want all the ingredients labeled in clear language? People are sick of their games and also getting sick from the food they consume. Obesity and gastric-related illnesses have become prevalent in a culture that lives too passively and consumes mostly processed food. If you want to stay healthy, eat organic as much as possible and always be mindful of what you consume. It’s probably the most important decision you’ll make each day in regards to your health.

This New Year’s Day you can resolve to quit smoking, hit the gym three times a week or cut out sweets, but you don’t have to wait until the start of a new year to make a better life for yourself. If you treat yourself with respect and love, you’ll be more successful in improving your life than experiencing that week of agony during the first week of January each year.

This week’s—make that this year’s—Guys’ Guys and women, are the wonderful people who have supported my Guy’s Guy brand and the content I crunch out with a goal of making our world a better place. My best wishes to you today, tomorrow, and throughout this coming year!

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